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Private Tours

Edita Machova, manager of Private Tours Prague

Manager: Edita Machova

Private Accommodation


Our travel agency is called Private Tours which has been operating since 1997 in Prague and across the Czech Republic. We work with 5 stars hotels such as the Hotel Pariz Praha (part of the Concordia company) and others. We also work with several international law, finance and advertising companies such as Hogan and Hartson law company, Trans-National Reserach, and Schur a.s. Praha Company arranging logistics for their business trips as well as conducting tours for spouses. We are also experienced in arranging conventions for such large international companies such as Bosch Siemens. We can provide references from any of the above satisfied clients . For all of our clients we look after the usual logistical arrangements such as hotel transfers and bookings, but our real specialty is offering over 16 unique city tours and 34 different trips into the Czech countryside.
Our guides are very knowledgeable and clients come away with a better understaning of Czech history, culture and daily modern life. We can do it all, from private walking tours for indiviuals and groups, minivan and bus tours, logistics for business trips, organizing conventions, to arranging tickets for concerts and events, choosing restaurants for business occassions, arranging private boat tours.
Our popular tours are outlined on our web sight:

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction!

See you in Prague!

Edita Machova

Private Tours
Krizikova 393/73
186 00 Praha
Czech Republic

Fax order: +420 224816628

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